Elixir 01

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Elixir 01

Our favorite all day vape! Delicious watermelon and strawberry on ice splashed with tangy red grapefruit. This one very rarely leaves our side.

VG: 82%
PG: 18%

Steeping notes: Should be delicious fresh, strawberry will bring itself out more within a week or so. The citrus tends to be more pronounced when fresh, and may cause the juice to deliver a stronger throat hit initially. This will mellow within a week of steeping if it's a concern.

Concentrates used for Elixir 01:
  • Inawera Cactus
  • TFA Koolada
  • TFA Raspberry (Sweet)
  • FW Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • TFA Strawberry
  • TFA Watermelon
  • TFA Watermelon Candy