Elixir 03

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Elixir 03

Dark jamaican rum, sweet, golden pineapple, and an exhale of cantaloupe, honeydew, and other wild melons round out this delicious boozey vape. Our highest VG recipe, thanks to extremely potent flavor concentrates.

VG: 92.5%
PG: 7.5%

Steeping Notes: Absolutely delicious fresh. We don't personally notice any massive difference in this juice fresh vs. steeped, so this one should be good to go right off the bat.

Concentrates used in Elixir 03:

  • Inawera Cactus
  • Capella Golden Pineapple
  • Hangsen Pineapple
  • FA Jamaican Rum
  • FA Lime Tahiti (Cold pressed)
  • FLV Wild Melon