Elixir 06

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Elixir 06

Crunchy, sweet, apple cinnamon cereal with an extra dose of fresh, tart, sliced apples covered in milk. This is the first cereal vape we haven't been able to put down!

VG: 89%
PG: 11%

Steeping Notes: Great fresh, but will taste more like a dry cereal than cereal in milk. After 2-3 weeks this flavor will be creamier and sweeter, with a more pronounced dairy note.

Concentrates used in Elixir 06:

  • FA Cookie
  • FA Meringue
  • TFA Acetyl Pyrazine
  • TFA Apple Pie
  • FA Cream Fresh
  • FA Fuji Apple
  • FA Marshmallow
  • FA Vienna Cream