Elixir 08

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Elixir 08

The final flavor to come to the Medica collection, and one of our absolute favorites. Creamy, rich peanut butter meets a splash of toasted coconut, all held together by marshmallows made of Almond milk. Some say this reminds them of a childhood candy that many of us loved, others liken this to a sweet dessert snack. Either way, this is a unique, must-try flavor!

VG: 87.50%
PG: 12.50%

** Contains Diacetyl @ 63ppm (from FLV Caramel Concentrate)
** Contains Acetoin @ 317ppm (from FLV Caramel Concentrate)
** Contains Diacetyl @ 152ppm (from FLV Vanilla Custard Concentrate)
** Contains Acetoin @ 847ppm (from FLV Vanilla Custard Concentrate)

Steeping Notes: The peanut butter in this flavor will become more pronounced as age comes, as well as the depth of the coconut. Delicious fresh, but if you can find a way to put it out of sight for a couple of weeks, it ages deliciously.

Concentrates used in Elixir 07:

  • FLV Peanut Butter
  • FLV Coconut
  • FLV Caramel
  • FLV Milk & Honey
  • FLV Vanilla Custard