Elixir M

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Elixir M

Our attempt to redefine cold. Our friend Matt requested this one. Still getting his taste buds back after 30+ years of smoking, everything on the market he tried had no taste for him and he loves mint, so he requested something SUPER cold and minty. This was our prescription for him. An overload of ice, spearmint, and menthol will hit your palate as you take this one in. Just a heads up, this one is COLD.

VG: 83%
PG: 17%

Steeping Notes: Cold fresh. Cold after steeping. Cold everywhere. This juice was designed with a very specific flavor profile in mind, and won't be everyone's taste. For those who thought they couldn't find anything cold enough, this is our answer.

  • FA Spearmint
  • FW Menthol
  • FW Extreme Ice
  • TFA Koolada