About Us

About Us

Our Story


The apothecary’s vision is simple and clear. Produce high quality, delicious e-liquids at an affordable price, while giving back to the industry that has given people close to me their lives back. Despite popular opinion among those who don’t wish to educate themselves, I believe that vaping saves lives. Specifically, lives of people I love. When people I know and love came to me and were tired of paying large amounts for small bottles of house juice that didn’t even taste good, I decided to learn how to do things to help them. This led me to where I am now, and after hundreds of iterations of recipes and struggle with flavor profiles, I’m proud to present my favorite compounds to you as the Apothecary Elixirs line. Every flavor in the Medica line has been an ADV for me at some point. 



Juice Information


My juices will never use any additive sweeteners or flavor at concentrations over 20% for an entire flavor. I try my best for all of our flavors to be DA/AP free but not at the expense of flavor. After some thought, and partially because this is something that I would have LOVED for a vendor to do if I was purchasing from them, the flavor concentrates used in all flavors will be disclosed in the flavor descriptions. I won’t be disclosing the percentages but it should give those who find a juice that they like and wish to clone a heck of a starting point. 


Two lines of juice will be available at any given time. The Medica collection is the collection of high quality, delicious juices that I love. The Compound collection is a collection of juices that are requests from customers, and while I originally intended to continue adding flavors into this collection, Elixir G will be the final flavor added to the Compound collection. The availability of these flavors will vary on demand, and may disappear and resurface from time to time, but I hope to keep all of these flavors available for the foreseeable future.


Giving Back


Beginning in September 2016, 10% of the company’s monthly profits will be donated directly to SFATA to help fight for our rights to keep vaping legal and well.


Giveaways will be done on a regular basis as long as I’m legally allowed to do so, and I hope to keep order upgrades the norm, not an anomaly.

I hope that you love what I've created as much as I do. Thank you!
Randy Williams, Founder
Apothecary Elixir Co.